15 Proven Digital Fundraising Strategies and Best Practices for Non-Profits

In the past, non-profits usually ran in-person campaigns and events to raise funds, which limited their reach and donation. Thanks to digital fundraising, not-for-profit organizations can easily reach a wider audience, customize campaigns, and increase donations. If you haven’t joined the digital phenomenon yet, here are 15 proven digital fundraising strategies and best practices for non-profits that can help.

What is Digital Fundraising?

In simple words, digital fundraising is the process of using online fundraising methods and applications to reach a large donor base and build or strengthen relationships with them. It is an ongoing process that begins with online outreach methods like websites, emails, and social media to catch the attention of the targeted audience.

After donors make their first donations, you can build stronger connections with them, encourage peer-to-peer donations, and enhance your reach. You can also automate processes to manage donors and strengthen your relationship with them. DonorMozo, a digital fundraising platform, can help you start online fundraising and leverage the digital world to thrive.

Why is Digital Fundraising Essential for all Non-Profits?

As offline donations involve a lot of effort and volunteer work, online donations can reduce those issues. There is no need to collect donations personally when an NGO can get them online. Digital fundraising makes outreach and donor management simpler and uncomplicated, as you can do both with a few clicks.

  1. Boosts Awareness

Due to social media platforms and online fundraising methods, digital fundraising can help NGOs reach more people in a shorter period. It also enables donors to get involved with crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising.

  1. Enhances Donor Retention

Non-profits can engage with donors and boost donor retention with digital fundraising. Recurring donations and gift matching are some techniques that help increase donations with minimal effort and let the donors stay connected.

  1. Reduces the Workload

Due to technological innovation and platforms like DonorMozo, human effort is replaced by automation. Hence, donor management is simpler and more affordable. Thanks to automation, sending out acknowledgments and monitoring donation changes can be done from a distance.

  1. Increases Donations

The convenience offered by digital fundraising allows donors to donate on the go and even through their mobile. It helps increase the overall donations and revenues of an NGO.

Non-profits that want to create effective campaigns can trust DonorMozo, an online digital fundraising platform that helps raise more money in less time.

15 Digital Fundraising Strategies for Non-Profits

Here are the top 15 proven digital fundraising strategies and best practices for non-profits.

  1. Set Up a Branded Donation Page

Branding is very important these days, even for NGOs. You can start branding your NGO by setting up a branded donation page that confirms the authenticity of your organization and helps build people’s trust. It can be done in a few minutes, thanks to digital advancements.

  1. Choose the Right Donation Platform

When choosing the right donation platform, NGOs have more choices than ever. It is recommended that you pick a platform that helps you to maximize donations in a minimum amount of time. You must also read reviews to ensure you don’t trust an unreliable platform. Ask for a demo from their team and be assured you make the right choice. DonorMozo, an online digital fundraising platform, could be an excellent choice.

  1. Initiate a Campaign

Most donors don’t like to donate to organizations that aren’t transparent about where the donations are going. You can ensure that you don’t make the same mistake by initiating online campaigns that raise money for a cause and lets donor track every dollar contributed. You can also add a goal meter to keep the donors motivated.

  1. Invest in a Paid Ad Campaign

NGOs can also initiate and manage paid ad campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., to raise awareness about their mission and specific causes. Google Ads also helps NGOs boost their Google page rankings and quickly reach a wider audience.

  1. Promote the NGO Through Social Media

Promoting the NGO via social media platforms is also easier. Sending outposts and videos using different social media platforms allows NGOs to connect with their donors and the larger community. It also makes sharing content easier for the donors who can share a cause with their family/friends with just a click.

  1. Pay Attention to Local SEO

Non-profits that focus on causes related to communities around them can focus on local SEO with the help of technology and use keywords and online applications that help them connect with local donors. It makes collecting donations for local causes simpler.

  1. Videos are Better than Texts

A smart way for NGOs to connect with the donors is to show their work in real-time via live or previously created videos. When donors see the faces of people their donations will help, they are eager to give more.

  1. Recurring Donations Develop the Habit of Giving

Recurring donations are better than single donations. They can be given weekly, monthly, or yearly. They help build a relationship between donors and the NGOs. Donors who contribute regularly usually connect with the causes and even promote the NGO to others.

  1. Promote Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is the quickest growing segment in the world of donations. It increases lifetime donor value and ensures your NGO has a steady revenue stream. It also helps with better donor engagement as your donors think of your NGO every month!

  1. Offer Scan to Donate

No donor likes to wait for minutes or complete several steps to donate. It is where tools like scan to donate, offered by DonorMozo, can help. It allows NGOs to collect donations instantly after a donor scans a QR code and contributes.

  1. Focus on Long-Term Relationships

Digital fundraising can help non-profits to build long-term partnerships with sponsors. They can keep the sponsors in the loop about everything happening with the NGO and impress them enough to ask for a bigger donation every time they organize an event. Bigger donations are also likely when an NGO has a larger reach via social media platforms.

  1. Use Email Marketing For Promotion

Email marketing is not dead. In 2022, global email users are forecast at 4.3 billion, which will grow to 4.6 billion in 2025. So, an NGO should promote all campaigns via emails. It’s also an effective way to stay in touch with donors. Make sure you evaluate the email success rates and refine the content or update it every few days to keep it relevant.

  1. Develop a Segmented Email List

Emails are and have been a trusted way to reach donors for non-profits. However, many NGOs don’t have a segmented email list, which can impact their chances of success. Thanks to technology, non-profits can easily develop a segmented email list and send regular emails through Mailchimp. Tools like DonorMozo make it not only possible but also simpler. It can help enhance the response rate of NGOs to their email campaigns.

  1. Offer Gift Matching

Digital fundraising can also help with gift matching. For example, an NGO can request an organization to match the contributions made by their employees for a cause. NGOs can also set up donations that are time-bound. Donors respond better when there is a time limit set. NGOs can encourage more donations, publish regular social media posts and a digital thermometer that can help visibly monitor how the campaign is doing.

  1. Measure Impact

Analyze the outcome of every campaign launched by your NGO. You can do that by several methods like comparing the reach of campaigns, measuring the likes/shares on social media, and comparing donation amounts or revenue generated by each platform. Use advanced analytics to measure non-financial impact (reputation enhancement or brand development).

Final Words

All in all, it can be said that digital fundraising strategies & best practices for non-profits are quite useful and can provide measurable and impactful results if done right. If you want to get started with taking your NGO on the digital path, you can learn more about DonorMozo.

DonorMozo is a technologically advanced platform that offers end-to-end donation solutions, including but not limited to creating effective campaigns, connecting with the target audience, educating them, raising money online, developing long-term partnerships, and reaching more and more people via social interactions. Contact us today to know more!

How to Ensure Your Political Fundraisers Raise More Money While Following the Law

Want more funds for your political campaigns? If so, you need to remember not to go overboard. There are some laws associated with political fundraising that you must know as a political candidate or a political party. Read on to know more on how to ensure your political fundraisers raise more money while following the law.

  • Know the Law

You should know that United States campaign finance laws regulate the amount of money political parties or candidates can receive from organizations or individuals. These laws also define the cumulative amounts that individuals or organizations can donate. Read more about these laws over here.

  • Collect Vital Information from Donors

As a political candidate or a political party, it is also essential for you to collect vital information about the donors. DonorMozo can help you in this regard by collecting every donor’s name, address, contact, occupation, employer, and additional information. You can even customize the information you collect.

  • Add a Donation Cap

It is also essential for political candidates and political parties to add a donation cap to the donation process to ensure that an individual or organization doesn’t pay more than allowed accidentally. Again, DonorMozo can come to the rescue as it allows you to add a donation cap automatically and ensure 100% compliance with the laws.

  • List Custom Disclaimers on All Donation Forms

When an individual or an organization donates to your political campaign, they must be warned with a disclaimer about the donation. With DonorMozo, you can customize the disclaimer and its wording to resonate with your political campaign or political ideology.

  • Make Transactions Simpler

Individuals or organizations who contribute to a political campaign are usually in a rush. So, it would help if you tried to make the transactions simpler for them. You can allow them to use different payment methods to make the donations. You can also let them scan and donate so that they can donate via their smartphones when they are on the move. It is also wise to allow them to set up recurring donations with just a few clicks.

  • Get More When Donors Cover Fees

Often, donors believe they are offering you the maximum possible donation but don’t realize that you might need to cover some fees, and the entire donation won’t go to your political campaign in such cases. You can fix this with DonorMozo, a political fundraising platform that allows your donors to cover 100% of the fee, so you get 100% of the donated amount.

All in all, it can be said that DonorMozo is a vital tool that helps in ensuring that your political fundraisers raise more money while adhering to the laws. Get started with DonorMozo today and see your donations rise quickly.

Steps to Take When You Need Digital Fundraising for Your Political Campaign

To make any political campaign successful, you need funds. If you are already uber-rich and have millions of dollars, you are good to go. Otherwise, you might need the assistance of digital fundraising to fund your political campaign and reach a wider audience.

Whether this is your first political campaign or you are a seasoned politician, you need to consider leveraging technology to make your digital fundraising efforts a success. To help you out, here we have listed the steps to take when you need digital fundraising for your political campaign.

  • Identify a Fundraising Goal

The first thing you need to do when opting for digital fundraising is to identify a fundraising goal. When you ask for money from your donors, you should have a number in mind. A smart way to do that is to look at what politicians have done in the past and even look at the funds your competitors are raising.

  • Know Your Target Audience

The second step you cannot skip is to know your target audience. When you know the demographics and how your audience thinks, you will be able to craft better campaigns that they can connect with or relate to.

  • Choose Right Donation platform and Create Campaigns

Once you complete the above two steps, the next step is to choose the right donation platform for your political campaign. You can do that in less than 10 minutes with the help of DonorMozo, a digital fundraising platform preferred by politicians. You can customize the campaign extensively to make it more relevant to your goals.

  • Set a Timeline

It is one of the well-known facts that the simplest way to increase donations is to set a timeline for it. If you want to raise money for a specific political campaign, make sure you set a deadline for it. Doing so will encourage your donors to donate quickly before the campaign ends.

  • Make Donations Process Simpler

Another smart way to raise more funds for your political campaigns quickly is to make the donations process simpler. Your target audience should be able to donate with just a click or by using their mobile (with a QR code). You can also ensure they get to choose from multiple payment methods, donate 24 by 7, and easily set up recurring payments.

  • Let Go of Tedious Processes

When doing digital fundraising for your political campaigns, make sure you use a technologically advanced online fundraising platform like DonorMozo that allows you to generate receipts online, share your campaign on social media platforms swiftly, and make donor management easy.

  • Track Everything

It is also essential for you to track where every donated dollar is going and maintain 100% transparency. DonorMozo can help with that by allowing you to keep an eye on donations 24/7. You can also share where the donations are going with the donors, so they feel you are honest and reliable.

How Temples Can Improve the Online Donor Experience

Gone are the days when donations were only limited to visiting a temple and adding your contributions to a donation box. Thanks to the advancement of technology, most temples now accept online donations. If you also manage or serve a temple and are looking for ways to enhance the online donor experience, read on. Here we have mentioned some useful tips on how temples can improve the online donor experience.

  1. Regular communication is the key

When planning to enhance donor experience, you must first remember that regular communication with your donors is the key. It would help keep your devoted donors in the loop about everything happening at the temple, be it the addition of a new puja room or a long-pending renovation. When your donors feel that they are getting enough information and updates, they will be inclined to donate more and stay connected in the future.

  1. Make things simpler for donors

Every person, even the most dedicated devotees, has a busy life. So, you should ensure that you make things simpler for donors as much as possible. You can use reliable platforms like DonorMozo that help the donors donate money for a cause via their mobile by simply scanning a QR code or clicking on a quick Donate button. You can also make the recurring payments simpler with DonorMozo by automating them.

Also, you can help devotees to manage Puja Room Booking, Bhoj Booking, Hall Booking, and even buying Pooja Samagri from an online temple shop with just a few clicks with all the customizations they need.

  1. Offer multiple payment options

Some donors like to donate cash, and some prefer to donate with credit or debit cards. Some even use digital wallets. So, it is a smart idea to ensure that your donors get to choose which payment method they will be using.

  1. Provide receipts

It is also an innovative idea to provide receipts to your donors to confirm their donations. Some donors might use that to get a tax break, and some might simply like to keep a record of every payment they have made to a temple. Giving received with your temple logo on top will also ensure your donors that you are 100% authentic.

  1. Show them the results

To keep your donors happy and engaged, you should show them the results of their donations. Make videos of the improvements made in the temple or the other temple using their donations. For example, if you have added a new hall to the temple, you can make a video of it and share it on the social media page of the temple or send direct emails to donors. You can also tag the donors who contributed financially and give them a shout-out.

  1. Express your gratitude personally

If some of your donors have been associated with the temple for a long time, you should ensure that you express your gratitude to them. You can do that by organizing special events for them or by sending a handwritten note of thanks for their effort. Also, thank the donors who give their time, not just money, to help the temple. Time is as valuable as money these days. You can also take the help of DonorMozo to express your gratitude.

Many temples have benefited from the DonorMozo platform as it helped their efforts to improve online donors’ experience and increase the donations or temple revenue. Don’t wait. Try it today!

Top 6 Reasons Why Temples should Adopt the Technology!

Many long-time temple leaders resist the idea of adopting technology without knowing its benefits. So, it’s time they learn that technology can be their friend and a useful tool that helps them connect with their audiences better. Here we have explained the top 5 reasons why temples should adopt the technology.

  1. Expand the Audience and Donor Base

It is a fact that most temples rely heavily on their audience, including the donor base, to function properly and get the required funds. Technology can help temples to expand their audience and donor base. Temples can use social media platforms or give virtual tours to devotees to keep them engaged. Even going Live on social media platforms can help connect with home-bound people, students, service members, and women who don’t visit the temples much on their own.

You can also leverage social media to connect more people (especially youngsters) with your temple. You can also give a shout-out to donors who help a lot and help donors to donate to a cause they believe in while also tracking every dollar they are donating.

  1. Simplify Temple Management

Using technology can make temple management simpler. You can also use technology to replace manual work like entering donor information, keeping track of all incoming donations, generating receipts, and tracking payments for services/products offered (like Puja Booking or puja samagri shopping) by automating everything. This will free up your time to reach more donors and increase temple revenue.

  1. Raise More Funds Quickly

With technology, you can also raise more funds for your temple. When you use an effective tool like DonorMozo, you create custom campaigns for specific donations. You can create a campaign in just 10 minutes and reach out to more donors with each campaign. More donors mean higher donations. For instance, you can raise funds for a religious pilgrimage for the poor people who are devoted but can’t afford it on their own. You can also organize peer-to-peer campaigns and allow users to scan and donate with a few simple clicks.

  1. Make it Simpler to Collect Donations 24/7

With technology, you can collect donations anytime and anywhere. Cloud-based applications like DonorMozo are live 24/7, allowing donors to donate anytime they want online from the comfort of their homes. The donors can also scan and donate with a QR code and even donate when they are on the move.

  1. Ensure Better Transparency

With the help of technology, you can also ensure better transparency within your temple. Devotees can easily manage tasks like puja booking, hall booking, Bhoj booking, and pay donations online and get 100% authentic receipts. There is no need for your temple volunteers to manage such things manually. They can instead focus on other temple tasks and activities. When everything is online and trackable, it also boosts accountability and ensures 100% transparency.

  1. Better Security

Technology can also help boost the security of a temple and make it a safer place. You can install CCTV cameras to ensure the temple is safe from theft and vandalism. Temple management can also use technology to monitor temple activities remotely when you are not there.

Need to integrate technology with your temple to enhance temple management and increase donations or revenue? Talk to the DonorMozo team and let us give you a helping hand!

5 Technology Trends for Non-Profits in 2022 and Beyond!

The world is expected to have 7.5 billion internet users by 2030. It is proof that every organization should be technically advanced, whether one is seeking profits or a not-for-profit. If you also own or manage a non-profit, you should know the top 5 technology trends for non-profits in 2022 and beyond. It will help you become more tech-friendly and connect with a larger donor base.

  1. Go Digital with a Website

One of the technological trends you can’t skip when adopting technology within your non-profit is to build a website. When drafting this blog, there were about two billion websites worldwide. And this number is bound to increase with time. A website is an online home for your non-profit where people can know more about you, your mission and confirm your authenticity. So, ensure your website is fast, SEO-friendly, and information-rich.

  1. Run Online Campaigns

After you have created a website for your non-profit, the next step is to run online campaigns that help you share which causes you are working on, how much donations are needed for each cause, and how much donations have been collected so far. Thanks to tools like DonorMozo, Even a person who is not very skilled at technological tools can create and run customized campaigns. Everything is simplified, and people of any age can use it to create campaigns that make an impact.

  1. Automate Mundane Tasks

Many non-profits are short on human resources. Do you take the help of all interiors to do tedious and mundane tasks like keeping a record of bonuses, updating the records, reaching out to the donors, maintaining donation records, tracking every dollar, and much more. With the help of DonorMozo, a non-profit can automate these mundane tasks and let the volunteers and members of the non-profit focus on much more important tasks- helping the people.

  1. Use Social Media to Connect and Communicate

Anyone who lives in this modern world cannot deny the power of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others have touched the lives of most internet users. Everyone from a common person to a celebrity to a politician is active on social media. With DonorMozo, you can easily promote your non-profits’ causes on social media platforms and reach out to the masses in a few minutes. You can also engage the donors and encourage them to boost peer-to-peer fundraising.

  1. Give Donors a Secure Way to Manage and Repeat Donations Online

Donors only prefer to donate to organizations that keep their money safe and sensitive data secure. DonorMozo allows anyone to donate to a non-profit and its causes securely. Donors also get the power to repeat donations online and donate every week, month, or year. It saves them from the hassle of donating manually again and again.

Want to know more about DonorMozo? Connect with us today!