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Growing donations for NGOs, religious institutions, and political candidates/parties was never this easy. Donormozo offers end-to-end donation solutions that include creating effective online fundraising campaigns, connecting with the target audience, educating them, raising money online, and reaching more and more people via social interactions. No stress involved! Everything is as simple as 1-2-3.


Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


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Donor Management


Donations Go Digital

In April 2022, 5 billion people used the internet. Make it easy for your donors to donate to a cause they believe in via the internet. Best online fundraising platform gives donors a modern experience and makes recurring payments simpler.

best donation platform
online giving platform

Effectively Drive Engagement

58.4% of people across the world use social media. Thanks to Donormozo, you can use social profiles to connect with and engage more donors. Social networking helps turn donors into fundraisers who can boost peer-to-peer fundraising.

Simplified Donation Process

Thanks to our advanced and oversimplified dashboard, anyone can donate any amount they want within a few seconds and get verification instantly! It helps save the time of donors and receivers!

best online donation platform
online fundraizer platform

The More You Get- The More You Can Help

Achieve all your NGO goals by promoting your NGO with effective online fundraising campaigns that you can create for free! Save money and human resources involved in creating offline campaigns. Raise more for each goal! (Cause)

Skip Manual Reporting

Track every penny donated to you and its use thanks to Donormozo's effective and efficient reporting tools. Skip time-consuming manual reporting!

best fundraizing platform
online donation platform

The Most Affordable Platform

Donormozo is the most affordable and best fundraising platform online for NGOs, religious institutions, and political fundraising. There's no upfront cost and higher efficiency than the manual donation process.

Something for everyone.
The fundraising platform for all organizations


Temple / Religious Institutions


Education / Schools


Political / Campaigns


Journalism / Media


Non Profits


Animals / Wildlife

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Here's How DonorMozo Works

4 Simple Steps for Secure and Easy Fundraising. #donormozo


Create Campaign

Build your campaign by posting about your NGO and a specific cause, sharing a fun-raising goal (along with a timeline), and adding relevant pictures to motivate donors to donate.

Share on social media

Share the campaign via different social media platforms to let your supporters know about your organization’s latest effort.

Engage to raise more

Engage your supporters and motivate them to raise more via peer-to-peer fundraising. Update everyone about campaign progress and run a countdown to hasten the donations.

Achive your goal

After a donation goal is accomplished, thank your supporters, and send out rewards. Also, share pictures and videos that demonstrate how every dollar donated is helping those in need.

online giving platform

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