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  • Trust Donormozo to make Pooja booking, Bhoj booking, and Hall booking simpler
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DonorMozo Helps Temples to Raise Funds Smartly

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions affected the operations of many religious institutions, including Hindu temples. As donations are essential for managing the temple, helping the community, and growing the temple, DonorMozo is a online temple fundraising platform that can help generate more funds from donors in lesser time. You can make your temple donations tech-friendly with this unique platform. Reach out to more devotees/believers via a mobile-friendly and social media savvy donation process. Increase donations to your temple. Signing up is free, and we are here to help you learn the straightforward process.

Create a Social-Media Friendly Temple Fundraising Page to Boost Peer-to-Peer Donations

With DonorMozo, temples can create a dedicated fundraising page to share all your temple's excellent work for the community. Add it to the social media platforms seamlessly. It will inspire donors to donate more and engage with your temple. It can then promote peer-to-peer fundraising swiftly.

fundraising for temple
online temple fundraising platform

Allow Tech-Friendly Temple Bookings

Let donors manage Pooja bookings, Bhoj bookings, and Hall bookings in your temple with the Best temple fundraising platform, DonorMozo. No need to wait in long queues or spend an hour on the phone to make a booking on their preferred dates and times.

Pooja Bookings

Donormozo makes puja booking easier for your target audience. They can book any puja with just a few clicks. They can fill out a form to mention their requirement, highlight special requests and make payments. You can also suggest donation amounts or request extra funds for all pujas.

temple fundraising online
Best temple fundraising platform

Hall Bookings

Make booking a temple hall easy for devotees. Thanks to DonorMozo's customizable forms, you can let the devotees decide the duration of the hall booking. It can vary from half-day, full-day, or even a specific number of hours/days. You can also offer them add-ons like mandaps, pandit services, food, etc.

Hall Bookings With Addons

Donormozo, the best online temple fundraising platform makes puja booking easier for your target audience. They can book any puja with just a few clicks. They can fill out a form to mention their requirement, highlight special requests and make payments. You can also suggest donation amounts or request extra funds for all pujas.

Online temple fundraising platform
Temple fundraising platform Online

Bhoj Bookings

Offer a fast and secure Bhoj booking experience to devotees to increase Bhoj bookings. With DonorMozo's easy to create and customizable forms, you can 100% customizable menus and other amenities (like clean-up afterward) to make Bhoj bookings simpler. You can also let devotees pay in advance and book a day/time they prefer.

Create a Temple Shop

Create a customizable shop page for your temple with DonorMozo to increase your revenue. You can add temple-related products like diyas, thalis, prasad, flowers, tilak, etc., to the shop and earn well from it. Add and remove items from the shop within a few seconds and generate invoices/receipts to authenticate the transactions.

Best Temple fundraising platform Online
Temple fundraising platform

Enhance the Donation Experience with Custom Branded Receipts

You can also enhance the donating experience of the devotees/believers with DonorMozo. You can ensure contributions are accepted for multiple currencies and payment methods and use different language options. Also, offer custom branded receipts to promote your temple and assure 100% authenticity.

Recurring Donations Can Be Easier

You can also promote and streamline recurring donations with DonorMozo. Suggest the preferred recurring donation interval and suggest different donation amounts to donors.

Top Temple fundraising platform Online
Temple fundraising platform

Simplify Specific Donations

If someone wishes to donate in memory of or honor a loved one, DonorMozo will make it simpler. Donors can also post messages afterward to pay their respects. Allow one-time donors to save the payment information safely for future use. Accept weekly or monthly donations by letting donors set that up in seconds.

Save Money on Every Donation

Save money on every donation you get by allowing the donors to cover the processing fee. Use that money to renovate a temple, add more rooms, celebrate festivals, and plan religious pilgrimages.

Online fundraising for temple
fundraising for temple Online

Donor Management Made Simpler

Get accurate reports from Donormozo on how much a donor has donated to the temple and promote the temple causes/events to them directly to generate more donations. Stay connected with donors via promotional campaigns and manage their expectations.

On the Go Donations with a Mobile-Friendly Setup

Let young, or tech-savvy donors pay via a mobile scan of a QR code. All forms are also 100% mobile-friendly and highly responsive.

online temple fundraising platform

Features You'll Love For Your Temple

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Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


Custom Branded Receipt


Donor Management


Shop Booking


Bhoj Booking


Hall Booking


Pooja Booking


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