Online Fundraising for Schools

  • Create school fundraising campaigns that raise more
  • With DonorMozo, you can create school campaigns in 10 minutes and start collecting for students and the school activities
  • From scholarship fundraising to sports fundraisers to many others. Collect funds instantly with a few clicks
  • Create customized campaigns for a cause related to your school and promote them on social media to connect with younger audiences and their parents
  • Use next-gen donation collection methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. to connect with students and parents
fundraising for schools

The Most Advanced Donation Platform for Educational Institutions' Fundraising- DonorMozo

DonorMozo helps schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to fulfill all their fundraising needs. The online fundraising platform for schools make fundraising simple, stress-free, and straightforward. They help increase donation revenue and enhance your brand image!

online fundraiser for schools

Collect for Scholarship Funds

Brilliant students often need scholarships to be able to continue their education. With DonorMozo, online fundraiser for schools, you can create campaigns to help such students and raise funds as per the requirements.

Cover Development Costs

Schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions often need money to develop or reconstruct the building or its key elements. With DonorMozo, you can raise money for the development/reconstruction or advancement of your educational institution.

online fundraising for schools
online fundraising platform for schools

Fund Educational Trips

Educational trips are an essential part of hands-on learning. You can use DonorMozo for online fundraising for schools and to collect funds for inter-city, inter-state, or even international educational trips.

Help the Underprivileged

Some underprivileged kids need help financing their education, so they don't drop out due to a lack of funds. With DonorMozo, educational institutions can raise funds to help those in need and even create a separate fund to help more of such students in the future.

Best online fundraising platform for schools
fundraising platform for schools

Mobile friendly Donations

Most parents are short on time and always in a hurry. You can make the donation process easier for such people by enabling mobile-friendly donations they can contribute to when they are on the move.

Makes Recurring Donations Simpler

With DonorMozo, donors can easily choose to pay weekly, monthly, or yearly. It only takes a few seconds to set that up.

fundraising platform for schools
Best fundraising platform for schools

Social Outreach

Social media is a powerful tool. DonorMozo helps educational institutions to promote their campaigns on multiple social media platforms simultaneously and reach more audiences.

No Payment Woes

With DonorMozo, donors and donation seekers don't have to worry about the swiftness and security of the payments. The money is always secure and can be transferred at lightning speed.

Top fundraising platform for schools
Best online fundraiser for schools

Spread the Word

DonorMozo allows your donors to become your brand ambassadors. It helps promote peer-to-peer fundraising so that your donor base can grow maximum with minimum efforts.

Track Progress Anytime, Anywhere

Thanks to DonorMozo's excellent reporting, you can track the progress of your donation campaigns anytime and anywhere. You can also wave goodbye to manual tracking of donors and tons of paperwork you used to do.

fundraiser for schools
schools fundraising platform

Offer Custom Branded Receipts

Enhancing your educational institution as a brand is essential. You can do that by generating custom branded receipts via DonorMozo that confirm your authenticity and directly promote your brand.

Simplify Donor Management

The donor management process doesn't need to involve a lot of manual effort. Let DonorMozo make it simpler by allowing you to record donors' data and connect with every donor quickly. No paperwork is needed, we promise!

fundraising for schools online
Best fundraising for schools

Donors Cover Fees

Get 100% of the donation amount every time someone donates to your cause. Prompt the donors to cover the fees via DonorMozo. It's a win-win!

Scan to Donate

Save the time of donors by letting them donate by just scanning a QR code. All they need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection to make donations from anywhere on the planet.

online fundraising platform for schools
fundraising platform for schools online

Hall Booking

Let people book your educational institution's halls for private functions, ceremonies, events, or festivities to earn an extra income. With DonorMozo, you can also offer Hall Booking services with add-ons like catering, furniture, lights, decoration, etc.

DonorMozo is Loaded with Cool Features

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Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


Custom Branded Receipt


Donor Management


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to drive impact and reach your goals faster.

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Recurring donations
Social outreach
Fast & secure payment
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Hassle free reporting
Custom branded receipt
Donor Management

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