How Temples Can Improve the Online Donor Experience

  • DonorMozo editor
  • 10 Jun 22
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Gone are the days when donations were only limited to visiting a temple and adding your contributions to a donation box. Thanks to the advancement of technology, most temples now accept online donations. If you also manage or serve a temple and are looking for ways to enhance the online donor experience, read on. Here we have mentioned some useful tips on how temples can improve the online donor experience.

  1. Regular communication is the key

When planning to enhance donor experience, you must first remember that regular communication with your donors is the key. It would help keep your devoted donors in the loop about everything happening at the temple, be it the addition of a new puja room or a long-pending renovation. When your donors feel that they are getting enough information and updates, they will be inclined to donate more and stay connected in the future.

  1. Make things simpler for donors

Every person, even the most dedicated devotees, has a busy life. So, you should ensure that you make things simpler for donors as much as possible. You can use reliable platforms like DonorMozo that help the donors donate money for a cause via their mobile by simply scanning a QR code or clicking on a quick Donate button. You can also make the recurring payments simpler with DonorMozo by automating them.

Also, you can help devotees to manage Puja Room Booking, Bhoj Booking, Hall Booking, and even buying Pooja Samagri from an online temple shop with just a few clicks with all the customizations they need.

  1. Offer multiple payment options

Some donors like to donate cash, and some prefer to donate with credit or debit cards. Some even use digital wallets. So, it is a smart idea to ensure that your donors get to choose which payment method they will be using.

  1. Provide receipts

It is also an innovative idea to provide receipts to your donors to confirm their donations. Some donors might use that to get a tax break, and some might simply like to keep a record of every payment they have made to a temple. Giving received with your temple logo on top will also ensure your donors that you are 100% authentic.

  1. Show them the results

To keep your donors happy and engaged, you should show them the results of their donations. Make videos of the improvements made in the temple or the other temple using their donations. For example, if you have added a new hall to the temple, you can make a video of it and share it on the social media page of the temple or send direct emails to donors. You can also tag the donors who contributed financially and give them a shout-out.

  1. Express your gratitude personally

If some of your donors have been associated with the temple for a long time, you should ensure that you express your gratitude to them. You can do that by organizing special events for them or by sending a handwritten note of thanks for their effort. Also, thank the donors who give their time, not just money, to help the temple. Time is as valuable as money these days. You can also take the help of DonorMozo to express your gratitude.

Many temples have benefited from the DonorMozo platform as it helped their efforts to improve online donors’ experience and increase the donations or temple revenue. Don’t wait. Try it today!