Online Political Fundraising

  • Boost up fundraising for your political campaigns
  • Set up a customized political fundraising campaign instantly
  • Add maximum donation cap on donation forms- follow the law
  • Kick-off peer-to-peer fundraising with a dedicated political fundraising page
  • Let donors pay via a secure QR code
  • Accept recurring donations, reduce the paperwork, and get money the next day
fundraising for political campaigns

Donormozo Takes Political Fundraising to the Next Level

Welcome to Donormozo, a seamless online political fundraising platform designed to help political campaigns/ candidates/ parties accept donations. Let us oversee the processing of your contributions and get you your money within hours

political campaign fundraising platform

Get Donor Perspective

Use Donormozo, Best political fundraising platform to add custom questions to better understand and manage your donors. Secure sensitive information securely and utilize it whenever you need it.

Political Peer-to-Peer Donations Made Perfect

Turn your supporters/donors into peer-to-peer political campaigners. Integrate all fundraising pages with websites, emails, and social media campaigns.

online political fundraising
political fundraising platform


Make donors' life easy by offering automatically generated QR codes that can be used to donate in seconds. All they need is a smartphone camera. Donors can also pay via cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. It's their choice!

Adhere to Campaign Laws

Ensure 100% adherence to contribution laws of your country/state. Set donation limits to avoid overpayments and list custom disclaimers on all donation forms.

Online fundraising for political campaigns
Best fundraising for political campaigns

Eliminate the Mundane Tasks

Make your political fundraisers more efficient by eliminating mundane tasks like long waits, unwanted paperwork, and useless bank trips. Let Donormozo, the best political donation platform take care of the backend work, so you focus on the big picture.

Keep an Eye on Donations

Thanks to Donormozo's effective reporting, you always know how much a political campaign has raised, any time of day or night. Also, easily export the information you need to file and bring a smile to your accountant's face.

Best political campaign fundraising platform
political fundraising platform online

Make Campaigns Mobile-Friendly

Make your political fundraisers/campaigns mobile-friendly by tracking money received from each source. See the contributions made and access contributor information via your mobile anytime you wish.

Let the Donors Cover Fees

Let your donors cover the fees and ensure you get 100% of the donated amount. Who doesn't like some extra cash?

Best political fundraising platform

Features You'll Love

You might be wondering what makes Donormozo unique.
Here are some features you'll fall in love with:


Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


Custom Branded Receipt


Donor Management


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to drive impact and reach your goals faster.

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Mobile friendly donation page
Recurring donations
Social outreach
Fast & secure payment
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Hassle free reporting
Custom branded receipt
Donor Management

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