Online Fundraising Platform for Non Profits

  • Raise more funds for your NGO in just 15 minutes!
  • Create a smart, mobile-friendly donation form that you can use on social media platforms.
  • Grow your impact by boosting online fundraising efforts- No need for tedious paperwork!
  • Customize the donation campaigns to reach a wider donor base and kick-start peer-to-peer donations.
  • Get 100% accurate reports to ensure easy donor management, receipt generation, and enhance the trustworthiness of your NGO!
  • Conceptualize, create, and manage objective-specific fundraising pages to raise funds for immediate causes (like saving the life of a child who needs money to survive a deadly disease)
online fundraising platforms for nonprofits

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Non-profits need to break the glass ceiling and adopt technology to reach a wider audience and get the required donations. Let DonorMozo be your partner in the process. Online fundraising platform for nonprofits offers you the tech expertise needed to reach more donors, manage expectations, raise funds, and grow your impact!

10 Amazing Ways DonorMozo Can Help NGOs

fundraising platforms for nonprofits

Donations Go Mobile

Make donations to your NGO mobile-friendly with DonorMozo, and let your donors donate when they are on the move (or too lazy to fire up a laptop/computer).

Receive More Recurring Donations

Help your donors develop the good habit of donating weekly, monthly, or yearly by sending reminders and reaching out via effective and action-inducing donation campaigns.

best donation platforms for nonprofits
online funding platforms

Enhance Social Outreach

Let your NGO stand out in the crowd on all social media platforms to ensure you reach the masses. There will be 4.41 billion social media users in 2025! DonorMozo pages can integrate with all social media platforms seamlessly.

Ensure Fast & Secure Payments

Assure your donors that their money will reach its destination safely. DonorMozo uses best-in-class security measures to keep every transaction 100% secure. Multiple payment methods are also allowed.

best online fundraising platforms for nonprofits
best fundraising platform

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Don’t let your donors be silent spectators. Engage and motivate them with the help of DonorMozo to boost peer-to-peer fundraising. When they become your spokespeople/ambassadors, your NGO can easily expand its reach!

Hassle-Free Reporting Makes NGO Management Simpler

Managing your NGO shouldn’t give you a headache, should it? Make NGO management easy with 100% accurate and regular reports from DonorMozo, the best fundraising platform for nonprofits. It allows you to track where every dollar goes and prevents mismanagement of funds.

nonprofit donation platforms
fundraising platform online

Generate Custom Branded Receipts

Further promote your NGO as a unique brand by offering custom branded receipts to your donors. The donors can use it for tax purposes and save on taxes. Add your logo to all receipts and invoices to make it more authentic.

Effective Donor Management

Regular communication with and engagement with donors is essential for managing an NGO. DonorMozo lets you stay in touch with your donors by providing excellent marketing tools (like targeted emails/campaigns) that let your donors know that their donations matter and make a difference!

Best fundraising platforms for nonprofits
Best nonprofit donation platforms

Pass on the Fee to Donors

NGOs don’t need to pay the processing fee! Pass it on to the donors while getting 100% of the donated amount. Setting that up with DonorMozo hardly takes more than a few minutes. Set up once and be done for months!

Scan QR to Donate

6.6 billion people use smartphones in 2022. Let your donors donate via their smartphones swiftly. Thanks to DonorMozo, best online fundraising platform for nonprofits they need to scan a QR code to donate and get instant receipts. Quicker donations transform into happier donors!

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Features You'll Love

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Here are some features you'll fall in love with:


Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


Custom Branded Receipt


Donor Management


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to drive impact and reach your goals faster.

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Mobile friendly donation page
Recurring donations
Social outreach
Fast & secure payment
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Hassle free reporting
Custom branded receipt
Donor Management

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