Online Fundraising for Church

  • Create customized donation forms and campaigns in less than 10 minutes
  • Share them on social media to engage more donors
  • Make donations for Sunday service and other events easier
  • Collect funds for mission trips, church renovations, and other huge projects
fundraising for church

How DonorMozo is Useful for Churches

Your church plays a significant role in the lives of countless people and the community. Loaded with time, effort, and money-saving features, DonorMozo, the best Online fundraising platform for church helps to increase donations and boost revenues easily. It also helps build the brand image of a church and make it more popular within a community.

Why DonorMozo Works for Churches?

online fundraising for church

Mobile Donations Made Simpler

DonorMozo, online fundraising for church allows donors to make donations via their mobiles anywhere and anytime they want. No need to even open a laptop!

Continue the Flow

Thanks to the recurring donations feature of DonorMozo, you can suggest the amount a donor should give and make it easy for them to commit to recurring donations that can be collected weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Online fundraising platform for church
fundraising for church online

Go Social

Ensure your church and its fundraising for church campaigns are making their presence known on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Worry-Free Payments

With DonorMozo, your donors get 100% surety that their money will reach you quickly, and their payment information is 100% secure. No compromise on sensitive data security. Also, offer the donors multiple payment methods.

Best fundraising for church
Best Online fundraising platform for church

Donors Promote You

Encourage your church’s loyal donors to promote your church and its campaigns via peer-to-peer fundraising. Let them spread the word among their circle and be your church promoters.

Takes the Stress Out of Reporting

Keeping track of every donation can be tedious and consumes several person-hours a week. With DonorMozo, you can keep every record online and generate reports instantaneously. Your accountant will thank you!

Best fundraising platform for church
fundraising platform for church

Provide Banded Receipts

If your church is not a brand till now, it’s time you make it. You can start by adding a logo to your communication with your donors. DonorMozo allows you to provide branded receipts with your brand’s logo to ensure your brand reaches a wide audience.

Manage Donors and their Expectations

With DonorMozo, donor management is simpler than ever. You can keep track of donor information, their preferred campaigns, and expectations. It will help you seek more donations from them in the future and stay connected with them long-term.

Online fundraising platform for church
Top fundraising platform for church

Pass on the Fees

DonorMozo allows churches to pass on the fees to the donors. It ensures that you get 100% of the donations within a few hours.

Scan and Donate

Let your donors scan a simple QR code when they want to donate. It will ensure the donation process takes seconds, not even minutes. Also, offer all payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, online wallets, bank transfers, and cash payments.

Best online fundraising for church
Best fundraising for church online

Hall Booking for Revenue Enhancement

From weddings to baptisms, allow your church halls to be booked for every event via DonorMozo. Earn more revenue with Hall Booking with Addon and provide add-on services like catering, decoration, lighting, etc.

Earn More with a Shop

Sell goods related to church and prayers via DonorMozo’s shop feature. Simply add any products you prefer and charge the customers online to make the process stress-free and 100% legit.

Online fundraising for church

DonorMozo is Loaded with Cool Features

You might be wondering what makes Donormozo unique.
Here are some features you'll fall in love with:


Mobile friendly Donation


Recurring Donations


Social Outreach


Fast & Secure Payment


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Hassle Free Reporting


Custom Branded Receipt


Donor Management


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to drive impact and reach your goals faster.

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Mobile friendly donation page
Recurring donations
Social outreach
Fast & secure payment
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Hassle free reporting
Custom branded receipt
Donor Management

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